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Get your Driving license easily & quickly with Durham’s Elite Driving School!


Life without a car is difficult these days. Not all locations provide access to public transport and taxi bills are hard to afford on a daily basis. Solution is simple. In order to commute independently , one needs to learn how to drive.

Durham’s Elite Driving School is an MTO approved driving school located in Downtown Ajax, Ontario. We provide MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education.

We believe in providing the best driving education at an affordable price. Our rates are the lowest in Durham region. Our Packages start from $275 plus certification fee and tax.

Starting Soon: Heavy Equipment Operator Training

We will soon be offering Heavy Equipment Operator Training course. Stay tuned. 

What is a BDE or Beginner Driver Education course?


In Ontario, residents can start the driving license process at the age of 16. There are 3 levels in the driving license process; G1, G2 & G. Once a person has passed  G1, he/she can register with an MTO approved driving school for a Beginner Driver Education course.

A Beginner Driver Education course is a program approved by Ministry of Transportation Ontario. Under this program, the student needs to complete 20 hours of in class lessons, 10 hours of in car training and 10 hours of homework. The focus of this program is to provide in depth knowledge about safe driving and hence produce responsible drivers. It is especially designed for teenage drivers and new immigrants in Canada as they need to learn about road safety, proper driving techniques, rules and laws, etc.

Why should You register for a BDE course?


A BDE course is not a must for obtaining your driving license in Ontario but since it offers the following 2 major benefits, it is a choice of millions of students:

  1. This course reduces the wait time between G1 and G2 from 12 months to 8 months
  2. After completing this course, the student may be eligible for an insurance discount
  3. Responsible drivers are a blessing for all

Our goal is to provide the BDE course to our students in the most effective manner so that they can drive safely and confidently. Our school is open 7 days a week and we run In class program on weekends and Thursday evenings so that everyone can easily attend. Our  friendly classroom environment encourages all students to share ideas, discuss different situations and complete various group activities to better understand safe driving.

At the completion of BDE course the students gain knowledge about:

  • Car and its components
  • Insurance
  • Laws and regulations
  • Safe driving techniques / Defensive driving
  • Winter driving
  • BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels and its lows
  • Freeway driving
  • Quick techniques for parking
  • Demerit point system.

Passing a road test is easy with an Experienced & Qualified driving instructor


Durham’s Elite Driving School provides the best instructions on road safety, defensive driving and anti distracted driving, guaranteeing the solidification of driving techniques in a clean and safe environment. Our friendly and qualified instructors ensure that we make your driving education experience comfortable and enjoyable, so that we can bring out the responsible and perfect driver in you!

For a BDE course, students are required to complete 10 hours of in car training. You may book your in car lessons on any day of the week from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Male or female instructors are available upon request . We provide free pickup and drop off with for all our in car lessons. Based on the package which you select, you will be required to evenly distribute your in car sessions within the time frame of the selected package. Failure to do so will result in extra charges per in car session.

Private In car lessons & car rental for road test


We also provide private in car sessions and private cars for G2 & G road test. These packages are ideal for those individuals who are well acquainted with Canadian driving rules but just want to practice with an instructor right before the road test. We provide free pick up/drop off for these packages.

Please have a look at our packages to learn more.




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