Michelle Skinner

Thank you so much. You’re an amazing instructor. I appreciate all the help and support!


Durham’s Elite Driving School really does stand by its name.  Both the in-class and in-car instructors were exceptionally knowledgeable and patient throughout the course.  I passed my driving test on

the first try with flying colors!  Couldn’t have done it without them.


Had a really good instructor at Durham’s Elite Driving School and a great experience overall.  I now feel much more confident with defensive driving.  I would recommend this driving school to everyone for sure!

Omar Awwadeh

Great place to learn how to drive. Helped me get my license on the first attempt. Great place, great instructor.


Durham’s Elite Driving School provided a very thorough and professional course for my daughter this summer.  She really liked her instructor Matt who delivered excellent and easy to understand instructions on how to do parallel parking, driving on the highway and various other driving techniques.  The lessons were enjoyable, affordable and very worthwhile as she feels much more confident on the road now.



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